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My approach toward the representation of images has been significantly influenced by photographs of the past rediscovered after a study guided by a feeling of nostalgia. To complete this work it was necessary to relive the signs left in a distant time. The paintings are therefore the fruit of a re-elaboration of images that I feel are part of me, despite not always having lived personally the events from which they originated. Reflecting on the value of the images within society, I cite the visual repertory of a past era through documentary images, television transmissions (for the most part Albanian), but also using private photographs or motifs of the sort, that become the starting materials for my reflection on painting. By way of the transformative process of painting, the original photographic images lose their objectivity in favour of an out-of-focus aspect that confers relevance not to the content but to the value of the image in itself: a sort of translation from one media to another. The images are a manipulated copy of pre-existing reproductions. Even the portraits of well-known people are born not from the true, but from the re-elaborations of already printed images, thus rendered abstract and in some way anonymous. It is a study of that which one can define as the essence of the image, where it is no longer the representation of the real but the creation of an independent reality. I love to transform the technique of painting relative to the themes represented. The structure is based on the juxtaposition of Time-lost and Time-rediscovered, through the involuntary memory that is the sudden and spontaneous recollection of a sensation experienced in the past, raised by the same sensation in the present.
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Iva Lulashi
Date of Birth:
April 26, 1988
February 16, 2015, 3:43 pm


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