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Giampaolo Atzeni was born in Cagliari on 1954. He moved to Florence in 1975 where he studied Architecture. In 1984 he took part in the XVI Milan Triennale (catalogue Alinea). From ’76 to ’78 he was part of the theatre company of the Third Theatre “Domus de Janas”, putting on shows and seminars around Europe. He then worked as photographer doing reportage in Africa, India and Middle East. In the ’90 he developped the pictoric style which will from then on define his artwork. From 2002 he worked in collaboration with “Arte In” magazine as journalist and photographer. From 2004 the “Brem” realizes heating radiators sculptures with elements peculiar of his artwork in the Brem Art line. In 2012 starts the collaboration with Gobbo Salotti for the realization of design works coated fabrics made from his pictorial works. In 2013 he began designing the "Brucle" a line of bags made prints of his paintings on environmentally sustainable materials. His works have been exhibited in major museums and public galleries. He is now living between Rome
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Giampaolo Atzeni
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February 1, 2015, 7:17 pm

Giampaolo Atzeni

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