Short Bio
Morena was born in Modena in January, 1965. An artist very sensitive to the needs of the society around her, Morena Beltrami does not hide behind the futile and deceiving masks of those who "remain silent and consent", but manages to transpose into images her obvious social discomfort, thus making unique and highly expressive works.  Her thoughts take shape and come to life on canvas with the help of strong and intense colours, filling spaces here and there in a chaotic and dynamic way, sometimes expressing anger and other times being poetic and evocative. Only on the surface the emerging forms seem meaningless, but nothing is ever left to chance. With the help of coloured plasters and acrylic pens, the forms soon take on the programmed and explicit connotations of dark, sometimes gloomy shapes, damned characters and restless souls which represent the "cries" of the common people, the denied justice of the innocent and sometimes the restless soul of the artist herself, capable of reaching the heart, head and soul of the observer.  The works of Morena Beltrami shall pass the test of time because interlaced in her canvases is the real and concrete manifesto of our society, which is on the verge of destruction, with no more ideas and vivacious projects. The artist opens a small window to the art by introducing a new context uncontaminated with monotonous and repetitive techniques. The soul of those who admire the artwork of Morena Beltrami shall be invaded with strong and intense emotions due to its concept, expression and final result, but most of all, it shall be branded, just like a mind fire brand, forcing one to think; this is the "gift" that only a great artistic talent like hers can transmit.
Basic Info
Date of Birth:
January 21, 1965
March 5, 2015, 3:51 pm


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